What some of our clients say about us...
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Female, 26-35
I enjoy every time I come in. I wouldn't be were I am without Metro. They helped me get work and to be
clean of everything. I never thought I could do that. Everyone is great.
Female, 36-45
Love it! People are great actually. My counselor is the BEST and extremely professional. There is usually
always room for improvement, however I can't think of a thing! Keep on changing lives!!
Male, 56-65
Understanding, positive, and  friendly staff. Helps work out problems you might have, wants you to work
on treatment plan goals to benefit recovery.
Male, 26-35
Rarely a wait, prompt treatment , enjoy staff/ patient interaction.
Female, 36-45
Love Metro Treatment Center. Best people and care.
Male, 26-35
I have zero complaints about Metro. I'm happy I finally came here.
Female, 26-35
I like how they treat me with respect and listen to the issues I'm dealing with. They try to understand and
relate or help if possible.
Female, 56-65
Metro has been a huge help for me in many ways. The staff have shown excellent care and concern for me
as a patient, willing to help in every way. My counselor has been very helpful and patient showing kindness
and being informative.
All testimonials were compiled from Metro's 2015 Client Satisfaction Surveys