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Metro is currently seeking LCAC's, LMAC's , LAC’s and T-LAC's to fill open
positions within the organization.

Information about the role:
• Counselors deliver primary counseling services, case management and related   
therapeutic activities including required reporting and record keeping.
• Job duties include but are not limited to:
  1. Develop and implement individual treatment strategies for assigned clients
  2. Coordinate treatment plans with medical staff.
  3. Evaluate client progress in consultation with the Program Director.
  4. Conduct individual counseling sessions.
  5. Plan other activities with client(s) consistent with treatment philosophy.
  6. Coordinate treatment with other staff members as necessary.
  7. Appropriately refer client(s) to community resources.
  8. Perform required reporting and record keeping activities including, but not   
    limited to, progress notes, treatment plans, evaluations and letters.
  9. Perform other office activities as assigned by the Program Director.
  10. Attend appropriate training as needed.
  11. Maintain updated knowledge in treatment trends, materials, etc.

• Qualifications: Must be a State of Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board
Licensed Addiction Counselor.
• Salary for the positions are based upon experience level
fax to 316-263-2154 or email it to our Program Director at
Metro is currently seeking LPN's and RN's to fill open positions within the

Information about the role:
Responsibilities: Administer medication to clients, record medication
administration, obtain vital signs, phlebotomy.
  1. Medication administration and concomitant recording of administration.
  2. Maintain records of dispensed medication.
  3. Notate physician orders.
  4. Administer screening tests including performing venipuncture.
  5. Assist Medical Director as needed.
  6. Obtain and record client vital signs when needed.
  7. Secure medication as required by state and federal regulations.
  8. Refer clients to appropriate outside agencies.
  9. Schedule appointments with physician.
  10. Perform other office duties as needed as assigned by the Nursing Supervisor
    Medical Director or Program Director.

Qualifications: Must be a Kansas State Board of Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse
(LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN). One year experience as a nurse.