Metro Treatment Center, Inc.
Phone#  316.263.1623
Why join us?
Mission Statement
Metro Treatment Center, Inc. is a for profit organization devoted to both a
cognitive and pharmacological intervention to help alleviate or cease the
destructive use of opiates in the lives of addicted individuals in the state of
Counseling services provided:

Individual Chemical-Dependence Counseling
Group Substance Abuse Counseling
Family Counseling regarding Substance Abuse
Clients Support Group
24/7 Emergency/Crisis Intervention Support
Metro promotes the use of cognitive based alcohol/drug education during
a primary treatment episode followed by long-term aftercare for clients that
are just beginning the road to recovery.  The pharmacological intervention
are utilized through a medically supervised prescription medication to
assist in the cessation of the use of opioids and to support a continued
abstinence from opioid abuse.
Metro believes in the dignity of all clients and provides a program of
recovery that has a strong emphasis on client's rights, understanding,
acceptance, personal responsibility and equality.

Metro will strive to offer a range of quality services at a fair cost in an
environment that is friendly to the person served.
Metro will strive to assist all persons served to achieve a higher level of life
satisfaction and an ability to live a better life in the community.
You are not alone.
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Metro, since its founding in 1999, has been designed to fulfill a need that
exists within the opioid treatment community of offering affordable
medication assisted treatment combined with a cognitive treatment